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Cosmetic Products

The Specialist Skin Clinic is delighted to be able to offer cosmetic products to its patients. A seamless and tailor made experience when it comes to skincare.

In keeping with the Specialist Skin Clinic’s ethos of ensuring that treatments are integrated, facials and cosmetic products which complement and enhance the effectiveness of certain of the clinical treatments are offered. These combinations ensure that the skin is in the best condition it can possibly be at the end of the clinical experience.

Dr Maria Gonzalez has carefully chosen a skincare range of cosmetic products which comprehensively complements the treatments that the Specialist Skin Clinic offers. The range of cosmetic products is:

  • Cosmetic Products:


Neostrata is a clinically proven and scientifically advanced skincare range. It visibly resurfaces, restores and refines , bringing about dramatic and noticeable changes to the skin. Pursuant to years of clinical study, certain cosmeceutical ingredients have been combined with new technologies and new ingredients, providing cosmetic products which deliver demonstrable improvement to the visible signs of ageing. These products deal with pigmentation,redness, age/sun damaged skin, dull and dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles.


This range also provides care for acne scarring, oily and acne prone skin. It is no wonder that Neostrata was voted a winner of The Best Cosmeceutical Skincare Range in 2013, and natural, therefore, that this is the Clinic’s skincare range of choice, both in terms of facials and recommendations for products to be used by the patient.

The Facials and Products are of course, not confined in their availability to those who have undergone clinical treatment. They have remarkable enhancing, rejuvenating and refreshing properties as stand alone treatments.

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