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Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft

Softly, Softly… with Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft.

There has been extraordinary advancement in techniques developed by aesthetic surgeons over the last 20 years, enabling a “lifting “ of the face without recourse to the skin removal and major surgery associated with the traditional face lift.

Indeed , the sophistication of recent procedures only serve to show how comparatively barbaric and feature changing the face lifting procedures of old were.

Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft -Welcome to a new generation of lifting!

If your facial skin is showing a loss of volume in the mid zone, resulting in sponginess and sagging at the jawline and neck, or folding in the skin running from nose to mouth, or maybe a droopiness in the brow area you are an ideal candidate for Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft. The thread lifting procedure with a lightness of touch, which refreshes the face but doesn’t change your features.

The threads used in the process are made of polylactic and glycolic acids, which have a safe and well documented history of use in aesthetic procedures. These are wholly biodegradeable, and can safely and naturally be absorbed by the body over a period of time usually between 18- 24 months.

DAVID Picture1 SILHOUETTE THREADS SILHOUETTE SOFTThe thread lifting process(Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft ) has been finessed to such an extent that treatment takes place under local anaesthetic, in approximately 30 minutes. Our Doctor will use a fine needle to insert the threads into the skin, which will then enable her to draw the facial tissue gently upwards, to create the lifting effect. The small cones, which are part of the threads, then enable our Doctor to hold the tissue in its new position, like a fine suture.

This is when the magic starts: not only is there an immediate uplifting of skin and underlying tissue, which looks both refined and subtle and importantly, natural, the process galvanises the skin’s natural collagen production , which actively makes the skin look younger and fresher, which takes effect gradually, over the following months.
You will look like you, but a well rested and wholly refreshed you with the new Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft procedure.

Whisper it softly…. ..Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft.……or they’ll all want it done!

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