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UniverSkin Products

Dr. Gonzalez has carefully chosen this unique and ground breaking range of bespoke serums to provide individual treatment for her patients' skin problems. They integrate neatly into the specialised laser and dermatology treatments already on offer at the clinic. Each person is unique, his or her skin is unique, and expectations of a skin care product are unique. For these reasons Universkin offers bespoke serums offering fully personalised skincare.

UniverSkin : The creation of your custom cosmetology

UniverSkin bespoke skincare – Through an accurate diagnosis and functional facial skin analysis, our experts determine the real needs of your skin. They select the appropriate ingredients based on the findings of your assessment and then create a unique and bespoke product specifically targeting your skin type and issues.

A personalised serum is prepared while you watch.  1100 different formulations are possible so there is unlikely to be a skin problem for which there is not a suitable solution. Over time it will be possible to adapt the preparation according to the changes of your skin.

(*Results may vary between individuals)
  • Skin inflammation is a complex process that results from :
    • An imbalance of natural defenses, linked to chronological ageing,
    • Disruption and degradation of natural defenses induced by modern life:

    UV, tobacco, stress, diet, pollution

  • The objective of Functional Dermatology is to help the skin to :
    • Rebalance its natural defenses
    • Identify and prevent any dysfunction

    Universkin products are particularly effective on problem skin, but also effective at maintaining the integrity of normal skin .

    Key conditions targeted by this product are acne, rosacea and skin pigmentation particularly caused by conditions such as melasma.

  • Nexultra innovation and Science

    The Nexultra range of serums attempt to copy nature using science via the use of synthetic active ingredients selected for their ability to reproduce the natural physiology of skin.

    This concept is called biomimicry where ingredients mimic the normal physiological actions of the skin.

  • This is achieved through the use of :
    • Biomimetic Peptides
    • Camelina Oil

    First enjoy a detailed analysis of your skin with a personalised diagnosis.

    Then benefit from the addition of 3 specific ingredients such as retinol for sun damage, salicylic acid for acne or ferulic acid to fight against oxidative skin damage.

    Watch as your skin gradually improves with our bespoke serum adapted to the needs of your skin!

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