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Breast Reconstruction

Developing breast cancer is a worry for many women and sometimes a mastectomy is carried out after breast cancer, or to avoid breast cancer in the future. In this case breast reconstruction can take place to re-build the breast.

Breast Reconstruction Procedure

There are different types of breast reconstruction surgery and your surgeon will be able to discuss the options at an initial consultation

  • What is breast reconstruction?

    After a women has a mastectomy to remove their breast or has part of their breast removed, confidence and self-esteem can drop. A breast reconstruction can rebuild the breast.

  • How does a breast reconstruction work?

    There are two main types of breast reconstruction. Either the breast can be created using an implant, similar to those used in other types of breast augmentation or it can be built using existing skin, muscle and fat from elsewhere on the body. It is even possible to use a combination of both methods.

  • Are there any risks when undergoing breast reconstruction?

    There are some risks when having a breast reconstruction and bruising, swelling and temporary numbness is common. All risks will be discussed with a surgeon at the initial consultation.

  • Can breast cancer return after breast reconstruction surgery?

    Having your breast reconstructed does not eliminate or change the chances of breast cancer returning. Breast reconstruction is carried out to enhance the look of the breast aesthetically and to help those who are unhappy with the way they look after a mastectomy.

  • Who will perform the breast reconstruction?

    All breast reconstruction procedures are performed by a skilled surgeon. The surgeon will be able to answer any questions about the procedure at an initial consultation.

  • How much does it cost to have breast reconstruction surgery?

    Our cost for a breast reconstruction varies on which type of reconstruction you decide.

    The procedure is usually performed under a general anaesthetic at our specialist clinic and usually involves a two night stay in hospital.

    This cost includes all your consultations before surgery and unlimited appointments following your procedure.

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