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Skin tags, moles, warts & other lesions Wedding Planner 6 months left

Mother nature and the passage of time can present themselves in the form of lumps and bumps, tags, lesions and blemishes and we tend to brush them aside, none of them serious enough in their own right to warrant a day off work or the fuss required to get them seen to.

Skin tags, moles, warts & other lesions Wedding Planner 6 months left

  • Skin tags & other lesions Wedding Planner  At a glance
  • Suitable for: older or second-time around brides, MoB, FoB
  • In clinic or at home: in clinic treatments
  • Ready to face the world: some redness where removed
  • Downtime: few weeks for healing
  • Results: be blemish free on your big day
  • Wedding countdown: at least 6 months

Skin tags & other lesions Wedding Planner: However, an impending wedding, one of life’s signature moments whether you’re a first-time bride, someone going around again or a leading player in the wedding party, is of sufficient importance that it can prompt us to take action even on the little things. Feeling our best on one of the most momentous days of our lives is essential and we’re here to help.

At The Specialist Skin Clinic, we have a range of services which can painlessly address skin conditions such as warts, moles, skin tags, scars and other miscellaneous skin issues so you can confidently bask in the limelight of the big day.

  • How can I treat skin tags?

    Skin tags are often a cause for concern but are really very easy to remove. These are usually found in areas of the body which has continual rubbing and irritation and can be up to 5cm in length.

    These can be removed using a number of treatments such as cryosurgery (freezing off), ligation (restriction of blood flow) or in some instances cutting off.

    Our team are experienced and qualified to make this a simple, pain-free procedure.

  • What mole treatments are available?

    Moles are a common issue and can sometimes cause people to be embarrassed or self-conscious, not ideal when you’re going to be centre stage on the big day.

    Although most moles are benign, it is important to choose a skin specialist, such as consultant dermatologist Dr Maria Gonzalez, so she can confidently assess the mole before removal.

  • Is it possible to remove warts?

    Warts are a localised viral infection that can be treated in a number of ways. It’s important to note that warts should be treated when found as they can spread.

    We remove warts safely and effectively using laser energy to burn the wart tissue. There is no discomfort and minimal scarring.

    Our prospective brides and grooms are often surprised just how quick and painless it is to remove skin lesions, moles or warts and wish they’d had them treated years ago.

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