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Rosacea Wedding Planner 12 months left

Rosacea is an incredibly common skin condition and can affect men and women of any age, although it is most commonly seen in fair-skinned individuals. Unfortunately, emotional stress is one of the leading triggers of a flare-up, as it causes our body to release a variety of chemicals and mediators which prompts the rosacea response.

Rosacea Wedding Planner 12 months left

  • Rosacea Wedding Planner At a glance
  • Suitable for: bride, groom, FoB, MoB
  • In clinic or at home: in clinic & at home treatments
  • Ready to face the world: immediately
  • Downtime: none
  • Results: no blushing bride or flushing guests
  • Wedding countdown: at least a year

Rosacea Wedding Planner: In a survey carried out by the National Rosacea Society, 76% of sufferers claimed the skin condition lowered their self-esteem and 52% even avoided socialising as a result, so being the centre of attention at a wedding, whether you’re the bride, groom or the proud parents, can be more of a trial than a treat. Employing stress management techniques in the run up to your big day can help, but also seeing a skincare expert, experienced in treating this often very distressing skin condition can be an important step in taking charge of your rosacea.

Starting off as simple skin flushing, it can quickly worsen, becoming an itchy, stinging rash, with the appearance of broken red veins, spots and other skin concerns and many sufferers experience significant physical discomfort.

  • What are my treatment options for rosacea?

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for rosacea, but we do have a number of treatments that can help to improve the appearance of its various physical symptoms. Facials designed to treat very sensitive skin can help soothe your skin and reduce the appearance of redness.

    The red spots and pustules caused by rosacea can respond to prescription medicine. The overall skin flushing and appearance of broken veins can often be successfully treated with energy-based devices, such as lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology.

  • How can I look my best on my wedding day if I have rosacea?

    Another useful tip is to book a bridal beauty session with a make-up artist that uses mineral make-up. It’s usually a good choice for rosacea sufferers because it doesn’t contain ingredients that can irritate the skin and it also provides a physical sunscreen barrier as the sun’s rays can often make facial redness appear worse. It will also photograph well in your wedding pictures and lasts all day long.

    Our skincare expert Dr Maria Gonzalez can also help you to identify the specific factors that cause you to experience a rosacea flare-up so you can avoid them during the final wedding countdown.



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