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Wart Removal Treatment

Warts, caused by a virus, are one of the most common skin infections you can have. They can occur on any part of the body and though many warts cause no discomfort and go away on their own, others may fail to disappear and can be painful.

Wart Removal Treatment.

Wart Treatment, Wart removal Treatment available at the Specialist Skin Clinic in Cardiff, Newport, Brigend, Wales, Bristol, London, England.Wart Removal treatment is available and is done with the use of a laser; laser wart removal treatment is a popular and straight forward procedure.

  • How does wart treatment work?

    Wart treatment works using laser treatment. Laser wart removal treatment beams a stream of light onto the wart tissue to burn it, this destroys the wart.

    There are benefits to laser wart removal treatment such as; it causes minimal scarring, is a quick non-surgical procedure, only a local anaesthetic is required and there is no discomfort.

  • Who should seek wart treatment?

    Though warts often go away on their own and cause no pain, many individuals are faced with a painful wart. You should seek advice on wart treatment if previous treatments have failed to remove the wart.

    If you have a cluster of warts, if the wart hurts itches or bleeds and if the wart is on your genitals or face. If you are unsure if the growth is a wart, a dermatologist can advise you further.

  • Are wart treatments safe?

    Laser wart removal treatment is completely safe for children and adults of all ages.

  • How many wart treatments are needed?

    The number of laser wart removal treatments you require will depend on the location of the wart, as well as the size and the number of warts present. Small, singular warts are likely to only need one wart treatment whereas others may require more.

  • Who will perform the wart removal treatment?

    Wart removal treatments are performed by one of our qualified practitioners and supervised by Doctor Maria Gonzalez. We will assess your wart or cluster of warts, and will advise you on treatment.

  • How much Wart & Verrucae removal cost?
    Wart & Verrucae Removal Treatment Prices
    Wart Removal – From £200
    Verrucae Removal – From £200
    Exact prices to be confirmed during your consultation.

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