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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatment is a route many individuals take as a way to keep their skin looking healthy and to improve the skin’s overall appearance. As you age it is likely that your skin will change, but the appearance of many of these changes can be reduced through the use of appropriate rejuvenation treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.

Skin rejuvenation treatment helps to improve the appearance of your skin and results can be achieved through a number of different types of treatment.

  • What are the benefits of skin rejuvenation treatment?

    There are benefits that come with undergoing a skin rejuvenation treatment and the appearance of discolouration, pores, wrinkles, skin tone, acne and blood vessels can be improved.

  • What are the different types of skin rejuvenation treatment available?

    Each skin rejuvenation treatment is aimed at a different type of skin change, for example:

    Laser treatment on the skin can enhance the formation of collagen and reduce the visibility of blood vessels. Additionally, laser treatment for skin rejuvenation can help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation associated with ageing skin in all skin types including dark or black skin.

    Chemical peels and microneeding can achieve similar results to those gained through the use of lasers, but do not work to reduce the visibility of blood vessels.

    Fine and deep lines are common in ageing skin and the appearance of these can be improved through the use of dermal fillers and Botox.

  • Can skin rejuvenation treatment improve skin tone?

    Improving the tone of your skin is a more challenging task and only limited skin tightening can be achieved through laser rejuvenation treatment, chemical peels, microneedling, dermal fillers and Botox.

    Radio frequency skin tightening and Infrared systems often achieve better results than those mentioned above, but achieving more noticeable results may require surgery such as face lifting.

  • Which skin rejuvenation treatment is best for me?

    As everyone’s skin is different it is difficult to say which treatment is best for you without an initial consultation. Contact us and we will be able to advise you further.

  • Who will perform the rejuvenation treatment?

    Skin rejuvenation treatments are performed by one of our qualified practitioners and supervised by Doctor Maria Gonzalez. We will assess your skin and create a rejuvenation treatment plan to achieve the best results.

  • How much does skin rejuvenation treatment cost?
    Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Prices
    Skin Peels from £105
    Anti-Wrinkle Injections from £175
    Dermal Fillers from £200
    Facial Thread Veins from £100
    Microneedling from £175

    Exact prices to be confirmed during your medical consultation for your Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.

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