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Facial Thread FaceLift

As we age our face begins to lose its youthful appearance and lines and wrinkles become more and more visible; plus, our skin begins to lose its tone and appears looser. Facial ageing can become a source of worry and may affect self-confidence in both men and women. Luckily, a Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) is one way to combat this.

Facial Thread FaceLift  (Silhouette Soft®)

Facial Thread FaceLift Contact the Specialist Skin Clinic book a consultation for Silhouette Soft Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) Cardiff EnglandA Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) is a procedure used to combat the signs of ageing without the need for surgery. It is popular among those who are interested in a facelift but wish to avoid painful incisions and any surgical procedures. A non-invasive procedure, natural results… SILHOUETTE SOFT® offers women a true technological innovation serving rejuvenation.


  • What is a Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®)?

    A Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®), also known as a Silhouette Soft lift, is a cosmetic procedure used to reduce the appearance of ageing in the face without any incisions or surgery.

  • How does a Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) work?

    A Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) works by inserting sutures under the skin using a small needle. This is done to reduce the appearance of sagging tissue and to raise areas that appear hollow or gaunt.

  • What are the benefits of a Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®)?

    There are many benefits to undergoing a Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) , including:

    o Unlike a standard facelift there are no incisions made into the skin when you undergo a Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®).
    o It is a completely non-surgical procedure.
    o Treatment only takes around 30 minutes.
    o No overnight hospital stay is required.

  • Do the sutures need to be removed after a Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®)?

    Silhouette Soft thread lifting does not require the removal of sutures. The sutures encourage the body to produce collagen and then biodegrade over time; collagen makes the skin appear fuller and younger which helps the results of the Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®).

  • How much does it cost for face thread facelift with Silhouette Soft?
    Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) Treatment Prices
    Individual threads from £250

    Exact prices to be confirmed during your medical consultation for your Facial Thread FaceLift (Silhouette Soft®) Treatment.

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