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Milia Removal Treatment

Milia treatment is ideally suited to those seeking a perfectly smooth and even complexion, without the tiny 'milk spots' that characterise milia. Although most common in very young babies, milia can continue into adulthood and become permanent, so milia treatment can be necessary to rid the skin of these white spots.

Milia Removal Treatments

There are a number of different treatments available to treat Milia here at Specialist Skin Clinic in Cardiff, Wales. Milia treatment can help improve your confidence as well as your complexion, and if you want a permanent solution to milia, in-clinic treatment by a dermatologist is your best chance of success.

  • What are milia?

    Commonly known as ‘milk spots’, milia is the name given to the tiny, raised, white spots that you often see on the face of a newborn baby.

    Usually these spots disappear over time, but in some cases they can continue into adulthood and become permanent. Milia in adults are often confused with whiteheads and squeezed, which can make the situation worse.

  • What are the different types of milia treatment available?

    There are a number of different milia treatments available, ranging from steaming and exfoliating – which can help in the short term but is unlikely to be a permanent solution – to physical removal of the milia by a doctor or dermatologist.

  • What milia treatment is best for me?

    With so many milia treatments available, the best one for you will depend on a number of factors, including your age and skin type.

    One of our specialist skincare advisors can help you to work out which milia treatment is best for you as part of a thorough consultation.

  • How long does milia treatment take to work?

    Again, this will depend on the particular treatment you choose. Usually the result will be immediate, but there may be some redness around the treatment area for a day or two.

  • Who will perform the milia treatment?

    Milia treatments are performed by one of our qualified experts and supervised by Dr Gonzalez. We will assess your skin to create a treatment plan for you.

  • How much does milia treatment cost?
    Milia Removal Consultation Prices
    Milia Extraction removal treatment from £120

    Exact prices to be confirmed during the medical consultation for your Milia Removal Treatment.

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