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Tattoo Removal for Men

Over time many men grow to dislike their tattoos. Whether the tattoo has lost its meaning, you are having second thoughts about your choice of design or you are simply bored of the tattoo and want to make room for something else, tattoo removal for men is an option.

Tattoo Removal for Men Procedure.

In recent years tattoo removal for men has grown in popularity and through advances in the cosmetic field the process is now easier than ever. If you have a tattoo you want removed, the Specialist Skin Clinic can help.

  • How does tattoo removal for men work?

    Tattoo removal for men is done through the use of laser technology. After applying numbing cream a laser is directed at the tattooed skin and through the laser’s heat the ink begins to break down. By breaking down the ink the tattoo becomes less visible.

  • Are tattoos removed after one treatment?

    No, more often than not tattoos will require more than one course of tattoo removal for men treatment before they are no longer visible on the skin. Large and dark tattoos will require more treatments than those that are smaller and lighter in colour.

    At an initial consultation, a practitioner will be able to provide further guidance as to how many tattoo removal for men treatment courses will be required.

  • Where can tattoo removal for men be used?

    Tattoo removal for men can be used anywhere on the body; this is one of its key benefits. There is no limit as to how large or small a tattoo can be and they can be removed from anywhere.

  • Does tattoo removal for men treatment leave a scar?

    Like other laser treatments, tattoo removal for men is non-invasive and does not leave a scar.

  • Who will perform the tattoo removal for men laser treatment?

    All our tattoo removal for men treatments are performed by one of our qualified practitioners and supervised by Doctor Maria Gonzalez.

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