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Chin Reshaping

Being unhappy with the way a part of your face looks can have a major effect on self-confidence and happiness, and this is not just true for women.

Chin Reshaping Procedure.

Many men suffer the same and a key area is the chin. Having a chin that is out of proportion to your face can create an overall facial appearance you do not like. Luckily, chin reshaping is a procedure to amend this. If you are a man who is unhappy with the shape or size of their chin, chin reshaping can help.

  • What is chin reshaping?

    Chin reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that involves changing the shape of the chin to either fit in proportionally with the rest of the face or to change its shape entirely. Chin reshaping is usually undergone by men who want to reduce the size of their chin.

  • What does chin reshaping involve?

    A chin reshaping procedure involves removing excess bone from the area to reduce the overall size of the chin. Bone can also be moved from varying areas of the chin to alter its shape and appearance.

  • Is chin reshaping a painful procedure?

    As with all cosmetic procedures involving incisions and bone or tissue removal, a level of pain should be expected. However, pain after a chin reshaping procedure usually only lasts for 3-7 days. If you are a keen sports player or enjoy exercise, it is important to remember that these should be avoided for up to 6 weeks after surgery.

  • Are there any risks involved in chin reshaping?

    Chin reshaping, like many similar procedures, has very few risks. Bruising, swelling and temporary numbness are to be expected and are not uncommon for this procedure. Other possible risks include infection, nerve damage and bleeding though these are rarely seen.

  • Who will perform the chin reshaping procedure?

    All chin reshaping procedures are carried out by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, who can answer any questions and queries at your initial consultation.

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