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Skin Tags Removal

Skin tag removal is a popular treatment amongst men. Though skin tags are usually harmless, they can affect self-confidence and often men want them removed.

Skin Tags Removal Treatment.

The removal of skin tags is a straight forward procedure and a number of different options are available. If you have a skin tag you would like removed, consider one of our skin tag removal treatments.

  • What are skin tags?

    Skin tags are small growths that appear on the surface of the skin. They are usually harmless and are common in men and women of all ages. Skin tags can be found anywhere on the body and common locations include the neck, eyelids and armpits.

  • What is involved in the removal of skin tags?

    The removal of skin tags is quick and can be done in different ways. Skin tags can be removed by burning or freezing.

    Another common skin tag removal treatment involves laser technology. Laser technology is a non-surgical way to remove skin tags; this is done in a similar way to wart and mole removal.

  • Is skin tag removal safe?

    The removal of skin tags is completely safe. All procedures are carried out by our qualified professionals and are non-invasive.

  • Is surgery required for the removal of skin tags?

    Though the majority of skin tags can be removed through the burning or freezing of the skin tag or through the use of laser technology, on occasion surgery is required.

    Surgery is minor and in many cases an anaesthetic will not be needed. However, if an anaesthetic is required this will be a local anaesthetic which means the area surrounding the skin tag is numbed but you are awake for the procedure.

  • Who will perform the skin tag removal treatment?

    The removal of skin tags is carried out by Doctor Maria Gonzalez or our specialist dermatology nurse.

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