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Laser peels Wedding Planner 4 months left

The number of marriage ceremonies taking place every year is on the up and that’s partly due to a growth in second-time weddings, accounting for 15% of all those saying ‘I do’. This also means a steep rise in more mature brides and grooms, with women and men in their 50s and 60s standing up in front of their friends and families.

Laser peels Wedding Planner 4 months left

  • Laser peels Wedding Planner At a glance
  • Suitable for: older or second-time around brides, Mother of the Bride
  • In clinic or at home: in clinic treatments
  • Ready to face the world: some redness
  • Downtime: roughness/peeling for few weeks so schedule way in advance
  • Results: wow your wedding guests
  • Wedding countdown: at least 3 months

Laser peels  Wedding Planner: This means that in clinic we’re also seeing a similar rise in patients wanting a more intensive anti-ageing procedure, so they can reveal a more youthful, rejuvenated complexion to their prospective partner.

At the Specialist Skin Clinic, we offer multiple lasers able to carry out laser peels including a fractional CO2 laser  which can target sun spots and fine lines, improve skin quality and even give a little lift to sagging skin. It is especially good for brides – and grooms – over the age of 30 looking to treat all the signs of facial ageing.

  • How does a laser peel work?

    The laser peel is created when a laser device emits thousands of tiny beams of laser energy into the dermis, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Collagen production and cell turnover is encouraged to repair the damaged skin and your skin will look gradually tighter and fresher.

    It is also gentle enough to be used on areas of the body that have been more challenging to treat in the past. If you’re a bride wanting to improve the appearance of your décolletage or a groom wanting to tighten up an ageing neck then this could be the treatment for you.

  • When should I time my laser skin resurfacing treatment?

    Many patients that arrive for a consultation for a laser resurfacing treatment are nervous about potential downtime and it is true that in the past laser treatments were very invasive, causing a significant amount of redness, swelling and skin shedding.

    However, modern laser devices have changed all that. The cellular changes happen under the surface of the skin and because the tissue surrounding the laser beam is unaffected, downtime is significantly reduced.

    There will be a small amount of redness and sensitivity in the first few days but that should quickly disappear. However, final results can take up to three months to become noticeable so make sure you plan your treatment well in advance of your wedding day for full effect.

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