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Acne / acne scarring Wedding Planner 12 months left

A bride with spots; it’s the ultimate taboo. But acne is an incredibly common skin condition and, even worse, adult acne is on the rise. Even those brides and grooms that have got their acne under control can still be suffering a dramatic lack of self-confidence, as the marks of their former infliction are still visible.

Acne / acne scarring Wedding Planner 12 months left

  •  Acne / scarring Wedding Planner At a glance
  • Suitable for: bride and groom
  • In clinic or at home: in clinic & at home treatments
  • Ready to face the world: most treatments very well tolerated
  • Downtime: none
  • Results: don’t let breakouts ruin your day
  • Wedding countdown: at least a year

Acne / acne scarring Wedding Planner: Acne can be hormonal, the result of food allergies, or be persistent cystic acne, but even those of us who are usually clear-skinned can suffer from breakouts in stressful situations and there’s no more taxing occasion than your wedding day. If you are suffering from a long-term acne problem then seek treatment as soon as possible; if you want to stop a last minute breakout, then specially-targeted facials in the run up to your wedding can help.

Also book an appointment with a make-up artist who understands your concerns and uses mineral make-up. These products contain no oils, perfumes or preservatives that can irritate acne-prone skin, yet they still provide the depth of camouflage required to cover any blemishes or scarring.

(*Results may vary between individuals)
  • What acne treatments should I try?

    Acne affects 5% of women over the age of 25 so we see many brides at the Specialist Skin Clinic searching for a cure for this challenging skin condition. Unfortunately, there’s no one treatment that instantly cures it, so our skin specialists work hard to find a combination of therapies that can make a visible difference.

    Treatment options can include topical therapies, prescription oral medication and laser procedures. Dr Gonzalez will continually evaluate your skin and how it is responding to treatment and can adjust it if required.

    The success and length of treatment varies depending on the severity of the acne, but most patient report an improvement in the first couple of weeks and months so seek expert advice as soon as possible so you can sail down the aisle with no concerns.

  • What about acne scarring?

    At the Specialist Skin Clinic, based in Cardiff  we use laser therapy to tackle acne scarring.

    Scarring is incredibly challenging to treat particularly if it is mature, but just a few sessions of laser treatment and it can be visibly improved. Sessions are typically spaced at monthly intervals so start your therapy at least nine months before your wedding for optimal results.

    Acne and acne scarring can have an indelible impact on your self-confidence and many brides and grooms are reluctant to have all eyes on them if they are suffering from these skin conditions. At the Specialist Skin Clinic, our medical director Dr Maria Gonzalez has many years’ experience in successfully treating acne and acne scarring.


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