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Why I’ve introduced body treatments to my clinic

Why I’ve finally introduced body treatments to my clinic:

5 minutes with Dr. Maria Gonzalez

For many years, I didn’t offer body treatments because I never felt confident that the devices or procedures available could deliver results that either myself or my patients would be happy with. With a background in dermatology, I’m serious about everything skin-related and ensuring that my patients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.Body Treatments Cardiff

This has all changed in the last few years with the introduction of the two Cs: CoolSculpting and Cellfina. These two devices have revolutionised non-surgical body reshaping, with CoolSculpting representing a real alternative to surgical liposuction in terms of fat reduction. Cellulite device Cellfina is possibly even more exciting as – until now – there has been no treatment, surgical or non-surgical, that has been able to deliver discernible and long-lasting anti-cellulite results.

Machines and devices that were previously available for body treatments were just not able to achieve a long-lasting improvement in the orange-peel appearance of cellulite, despite their claims to the contrary. However, there has been a little known, but permanent and highly effective treatment of cellulite that has been used for a couple of decades.

Brazilian dermatologist Doris Hexsel has long been using a process known as subcision to treat the depressions in the skin caused by cellulite. Through a minuscule incision point, a needle is used to release the fibrous brands that are constricting the fatty tissue just underneath the surface of the skin. Cellfina has put this technique into a standardised and controlled device so all practitioners can now deliver safe and predictable results.

What makes it particularly exciting is the longevity of the results we can achieve. Currently, Cellfina only has clearance to claim that results will last three years as they only have the clinical data for that period of time. Yet, Doris Hexsel has proven that her results last far longer and, in fact, the treated cellulite doesn’t come back.

Satisfaction with Cellfina’s anti-cellulite results has been shown to be very high, but it is essential that you are a suitable candidate. The ideal woman is aged between 25 and 55 and has good skin elasticity, whether that’s due to genetics or through maintaining a consistent weight and taking care of themselves. We have treated patients over 55 that have excellent skin tone and got great results.

For toned and fit patients that have persistent dimples, one session of Cellfina should be enough to produce a much smoother appearance to the legs and buttocks. If you have a large number of dimples you may require a second session, but this is rare.

Patients often ask if Cellfina is painful, but the device has a very sophisticated approach to anaesthetising the treatment area and although the first injection of local anaesthetic may be slightly painful, from thereon patients shouldn’t suffer any discomfort.

There will be bruising but this should disappear after two weeks which is when we have our first follow-up appointment to review progress. Obviously, patients can see me at any point if they have any concerns, but we then typically see them at three months when we should be seeing optimal results.

When we introduce a new treatment into Specialist Skin Clinic Cardiff  we only do so knowing it can provide consistent results for my patients and I’m confident that with CoolSculpting and Cellfina we can now provide body treatments to improve many of the concerns my patients may have.

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