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Ingrown Hairs – Do home solutions work for ingrowing hairs?

Ingrown Hairs – Do home solutions work for ingrowing hairs?

Ingrown hairs or Ingrowing hairs are a problem everyone will probably suffer from at some point in their life. Under normal circumstances, the hair strand should push through the skin, but if they fail to do so then they grow sideways into the skin in the form of an ingrowing hair.

There are a number of factors that can make ingrown hairs or ingrowing hairs more likely:

• naturally curly hair or thick hair are more likely to result in ingrowing hairs therefore people of African and Caribbean origin are particularly at riskingrown hairs
• certain hair removal methods
• hormonal conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome leads to excessive hair growth that make it more likely
• thick, coarse hair in men
• dry skin where there is a thick layer of dead skin cells that the hair strand needs to penetrate

Essentially, if you have hair, you are likely to have an ingrown hair or ingrowing hair one day. There are myriad suggestions online for how to get rid of ingrown hairs or ingrowing hairs, the question is: do they work?

Pluck them out

This is probably the first thing most people do – take a pair of tweezers and pluck the hair out, like a splinter. Although it works to remove the hair, unless you sterilise the tweezers first you can risk infection. Also, crucially, it won’t prevent the problem from happening again as the hair often fails to penetrate the skin as it is regrowing resulting in ingrown hair or ingrowing hair.

Hot compresses

This is a much gentler way to remove an ingrown hair – you simply place a hot washcloth against the ingrown hair or ingrowing hair and hold it there for a few minutes. This should cause the hair to rise to the surface. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t always work – sometimes the hair is too entrenched in the skin to come out this way. It also won’t prevent you from getting ingrown hairs again in the future.

Acne medicationDo home solutions work for ingrown hairs Cardiff-Newport-Bridgend-South-Wales-Bristol-London-Cheltenham-Gloucester-England-United-Kingdom

Because ingrowing hairs are often accompanied by pus, applying an acne medication, such as a product containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, to the area several times a day can improve the problem. This is because the ‘spot’ dries out and reduces in size, giving the hair more room to grow out rather than in. The issue with this solution is that it can take several days, and it also won’t stop the problem from recurring.

So what can be done to stop ingrowing hairs from happening again?

Here at the Specialist Skin Clinic in Cardiff, Wales, we recommend laser hair removal for ingrown hair or ingrowing hair treatment. Laser treatment can shrink the hair follicle, allowing you to shave without fear of ingrowing hairs, or achieve permanent hair reduction.

If you regularly suffer from ingrown hairs or ingrowing hairs, and have areas of pigmentation or redness as a result, why not book a laser hair removal consultation with one of our qualified experts today.

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