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Study Links Hyperhidrosis With Anxiety And Depression

Study links hyperhidrosis with anxiety and depression

A new study has revealed that sufferers of hyperhidrosis have a higher incidence rate of anxiety and depression. For those currently dealing with excess sweating, these results won’t come as much of a surprise.

The condition, as well as causing huge embarrassment, can also cause sufferers to isolate themselves and avoid doing things they used to enjoy. However, experts are keen to point out that the study, published within the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, doesn’t pinpoint hyperidrosis as a cause of anxiety and depression.

  • Understanding the findings

The study screened sufferers of hyperhidrosis for anxiety and depression. It discovered that around 21% to 27% of those living with the condition do also suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

At first glance, it would suggest that treating the hyperhidrosis would in turn minimise anxiety and depression. However, this isn’t necessarily the case as the study didn’t look into the actual cause. It simply detected a higher prevelance rate of mental disorders in those who also suffer with hyperhidrosis. So, it could in fact be that the patients already had anxiety and depression, but the excessive sweating has exacerbated the issue.

However, the results are still useful to dermatologists as it helps them refer patients to mental health professionals when required.

Further studies will be required to establish just how linked hyperhidrosis and anxiety and depression are, but it’s certainly clear from the findings that treating excesive sweating may improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety in some patients.

  • What treatment is available?

There are a number of treatments which have been used to treat Hyperhidrosis successfully for years. Anti-wrinkle Injections is often used as a temporary solution, with frequent treatments needed around every six months to maintain results. However, one of the most effective treatments that’s fast gaining popularity is Miradry.

Miradry is an innovative treatment device which targets the sweat glands. It’s FDA approved, completely safe to use and offers a great non-invasive solution with long-lasting effects.

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It works by delivering electromagnetic energy straight to the underarms in a controlled manner. There, the energy destroys the sweat glands completely. It takes around an hour to an hour and a half for each session and two sessions are usually required for permenant results.

Overall, Hyperhidrosis is an embarrassing and stressful condition to live with. If you’re tired of hiding away or you feel it’s making your mental health worse, why not seek treatment today. It’s simpler and more affordable than you might think and with Miradry, you could be enjoying a sweat-free life after just two sessions. Contact us today at our aesthetic clinic in central Cardiff to Book A Consultation.

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