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Global survey reveals our motivations for undergoing aesthetic treatments

Global survey reveals our motivations for undergoing aesthetic treatments

Allergan, a world leader in medical aesthetics, has conducted a large-scale global survey to identify what women want when it comes to beauty. The questionnaire covered beauty concepts, attitudes to facial aesthetics, our skincare routines and popular treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers.

Nearly 8,000 women completed the online questionnaire, from Australia to the United States. The average age of the respondents was 40 years old and it was clear that the main motivation was to look good for themselves, with only 37% wanting to enhance their looks for their partners.

Over half of respondents said that skin quality and a good complexion was the most important factor for them and most women had a regular skincare routine. Interestingly, women from Thailand, China and South Korea, invested the most in their products.

Botox or fillers? Find out which aesthetic treatment comes out on tops

The questionnaire went beyond serums and creams and covered women’s attitudes to aesthetics. The visible signs of facial ageing are the chief concern, with bags under the eyes coming out top with 66%, followed by double chins and loss of volume in the mid-face, both at 52%. Thinning lips are also a common concern.

Sixty-five percent of women felt that dermal facial fillers and other injectable treatments had become more socially acceptable and over half felt that they can look natural. South American countries such as Brazil came out top in terms of enthusiasm for facial aesthetic treatments but 44% of British women were happy to undergo a dermal filler treatment or get a spot of Botox.

At the Specialist Skin Clinic, we’re delighted to know that great skin quality is rated as more important than terms such as ‘attractive’ or ‘pretty’. Get in touch and find out how you can achieve better skin.

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