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Get rid of a double chin without surgery?

Is it possible to get rid of a double chin without surgery?

Let’s face it, double chin don’t make us feel or look great! They can also take a long time to eliminate if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way through diet and exercise or even remain stubbornly resistant whatever you try to do. For that reason, many people choose to go under the knife to quickly get rid of the excessive skin and/or pocket of fat.

However, not everyone is comfortable going under the knife. So, could there be a non-surgical alternative?

  • CoolSculpting could be the answer

Up until recently, surgery was the only way patients could eliminate a double chin once and for all. However, the FDA have now approved CoolSculpting as a possible treatment option.

Better known for its role in removing stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen and waist, CoolSculpting works by literally freezing the fat cells, causing them to break down before being eliminated from the body over a period of 12 weeks. Now, there’s a new mini applicator which aims to do exactly the same thing on much smaller areas, such as the chin.

The procedure itself is pretty loud, and afterwards you may experience a little redness and swelling. However, compared to alternative double chin treatments, this is definitely something most patients are willing to live with – espeically as the redness tends to dissapear quite quickly.

The swelling could last up to 10 days, though it isn’t overly noticeable; it’s more the feeling of the area being swollen that you’ll experience.

It’s worth noting this treatment does target small pockets of fat. So, if you’re looking to achieve say a 20% decrease in your double chin, you’ll need approximately one to two one-hour sessions.

  • Are results immediate?

You’ll definitely see a significant improvement right after the procedure. However, full results are expected to show after around three months. Most patients are astonished by the results just a month in, but three months is maximum time it will take for the broken down fat cells to be fully eliminated.

As swelling can last a couple of weeks, it is advised you avoid having the treatment right before a special occasion.

Overall, CoolSculpting has been used as an effective fat-zapping procedure for years. However, the new mini applicator enables us to target much smaller areas, including the double chin and is proving highly popular with our Cardiff patients that are interested in fat reduction. If you’re looking to eliminate that stubborn fatty excess under the chin without going under the knife, contact us now to see how CoolSculpting could help.


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