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Cellulite! Myths, Miscommunication & Misinformation

Cellulite! Myths, miscommunication & misinformation:

Finding out the truth about cellulite

Although it’s thought to affect a staggering 1.7 billion women worldwide, there’s so much false information out there about cellulite that it’s no wonder that we often just cover up the problem rather than seek a solution. We take a look at five of the biggest cellulite myths and see if there’s any truth to the rumour that there’s now a cure.

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  1. “Only overweight women have a problem with cellulite”

False. The formation of cellulite has been linked to diets rich in fats or salt and sedentary lifestyles, but genetics and hormones are thought to be an overriding factor. So, even very slim, toned and fit women can develop the dreaded dimples.

  1. “Cellulite is caused by fat”

Only partly true. Fat is part of the problem, but not the root cause of cellulite. Underneath the skin is a network of fibrous connective bands that link the skin to the underlying muscle. When they tighten and constrict, pockets of fat are pushed up against the skin, creating lumps and bumps to form. If you gain weight, fat cells will swell, making the problem appear worse, but sadly even if you work hard to shrink down then your skin won’t necessarily smooth out.

  1. “Only women can get cellulite.”

Almost true. It’s thought that only 2% of cellulite sufferers are male, as the female sex hormone oestrogen encourages the storage of subcutaneous fat in women. Men, on the other hand, only have a thinner layer of fat under the surface of the skin so are rarely affected by cellulite.

  1. “Cellulite only affects older women”

False. Women in their teens and early twenties can suffer from it. In fact, online fashion retailer missguided has just promised to stop editing out stretch marks and cellulite on their models to ensure a truer representation for their largely young female customer base.

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