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Excessive sweating – don’t suffer in silence!

Excessive sweating – don’t suffer in silence!

For most people, sweating is something we do when we’re too hot or when we find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation. For others, however, sweating is an everyday occurrence and no amount of deodorant can cure it.

If you are someone who avoids wearing certain clothes because you don’t want visible damp patches under your arms, or who goes out of their way to evade a handshake, then there’s a good chance that you are suffering from a problem called hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. So, what can you do about it?

Excessive sweating -Miradry Treatment-Stronger deodorants

If you’re embarrassed by how much you sweat, then you’ve probably already tried every anti-perspirant on the shelves of your supermarket. However, ask your pharmacist for advice, as there are extra-strong anti-perspirants available without a prescription. They typically contain a high amount of aluminium chloride which both reduces the size of the sweat glands and blocks them off. These may need to be applied differently from your usual deodorant, so make sure you read the instructions carefully as they can cause irritation to the skin.

For some hyperhidrosis sufferers, however, an anti-perspirant just won’t cut it, no matter how strong it is. In that case, the temptation is to:

Sweat it out

Sufferers of excessive sweating will often go to extreme lengths to disguise the problem. This can mean choosing clothes that won’t show sweat marks, having to change clothing several times a day, avoiding wearing make-up that can run and abstaining from physical contact such as shaking hands or holding others as far as possible.

Hyperhidrosis, therefore, becomes more than just a physical problem; it can cause acute embarrassment and lead to real problems emotionally, socially and within a work environment. Happily, however, it is a problem to which we can provide effective solutions.

Hyperhidrosis treatment in Wales

Here at the Specialist Skin Clinic in Cardiff, we offer Botox injections for excessive sweating as well as a revolutionary new treatment called MiraDry, with fantastic results.

Botox injections can be a great solution to hyperhidrosis, effectively stopping the sweat glands from producing sweat. Research has demonstrated that Botox can produce an 82 to 87% decrease in sweating. The injections can be performed on the underarms, hands or feet and with less effectiveness on the scalp. Botox is a temporary solution to hyperhidrosis; results can last anywhere from four to twelve months as the frequency of repeat procedures does depend on the individual and the area which has been treated.

MiraDry, however, offers a permanent solution to excessive sweating in just two treatments. The procedure uses electromagnetic energy to eliminate the sweat glands, with a recent clinical study showing that MiraDry produces, on average, an 82% reduction in sweating.

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If you are interested in excessive sweating treatment in Cardiff, Wales, give the team at the Specialist Skin Clinic in Cardiff a call to arrange a consultation with one of our qualified experts.

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