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Rosacea Treatment, Don’t Conceal It

Rosacea Treatment A survey (rosacea treatment) carried out in America last year found that nearly one quarter of rosacea sufferers turn to make-up to cover up the problem, rather than seek treatment. The same survey found that almost half of sufferers thought that their problem was acne, not rosacea, before they had it professionally diagnosed. […]

Study Links Hyperhidrosis With Anxiety And Depression

Study links hyperhidrosis with anxiety and depression A new study has revealed that sufferers of hyperhidrosis have a higher incidence rate of anxiety and depression. For those currently dealing with excess sweating, these results won’t come as much of a surprise. The condition, as well as causing huge embarrassment, can also cause sufferers to isolate […]

Why I’ve introduced body treatments to my clinic

Why I’ve finally introduced body treatments to my clinic: 5 minutes with Dr. Maria Gonzalez For many years, I didn’t offer body treatments because I never felt confident that the devices or procedures available could deliver results that either myself or my patients would be happy with. With a background in dermatology, I’m serious about […]

What a result at the Specialist Skin Clinic!

What a result at the Specialist Skin Clinic! To ensure that every treatment at the Specialist Skin clinic provides a good result we only offer treatments that we know deliver predictable and effective outcomes, but some can take longer to get there, whether that’s a skincare regime that’s building the foundation for great skin or […]

Cellulite! Myths, Miscommunication & Misinformation

Cellulite! Myths, miscommunication & misinformation: Finding out the truth about cellulite Although it’s thought to affect a staggering 1.7 billion women worldwide, there’s so much false information out there about cellulite that it’s no wonder that we often just cover up the problem rather than seek a solution. We take a look at five of […]

Best Clinic in the Midlands and Wales

Best Clinic in the Midlands and Wales 2017-2018 Excitement for  Best Clinic in the Midlands and Wales Award is mounting in the clinic as we prepare for this Saturday’s Aesthetic Awards gala dinner. This is the fourth year in a row that we have been nominated for the Cosmedic Pharmacy Award for Best Clinic in the […]

Could the makers of Botox come up with a cure for acne?

Could the makers of Botox come up with a cure for acne?  If you’re suffering from acne, it’s understandable you’re likely desperate for a miracle cure. Depending upon its severity, acne can cause significant psychological distress. While it’s most associated with adolescents, it can strike at any age and it doesn’t just look unsightly, it […]

Top summer treatments for Cardiff Wales

Which are the top summer prep treatments you should be investing in? If you’re wanting to look your best this summer, there’s numerous cosmetic treatments that can help. However, it can be difficult knowing which areas to focus on in order to gain the best results in such a short time period. If you’re trying […]

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