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5 Best Beauty Bridal Treatments

The Meghan Markle sparkle: 5 best beauty bridal treatments

Here’s our comprehensive guide to bridal beauty so you can look like a princess on your big day.

  • #1 Sculpt your bridal body

All eyes will be on you when you walk down the aisle and every bride wants to rock their wedding dress. CoolSculpting is a truly innovative, highly effective and minimally invasive fat reduction treatment that has become hugely popular with brides – and grooms – that want to look their best in their wedding photographs.

It’s ideally suited to eradicating small pockets of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, so whether you want to show off your back or arms or highlight your curves, CoolSculpting can target those dreaded bingo wings, back fat, muffin tops or saddlebags.

During your Coolsculpting procedure, the fat cells are frozen and then the body safely eliminates them. So, although you may start to see positive changes to your shape within just three weeks, the final results can take up to six months to be revealed, so plan accordingly.

  • #2 Get your glow on

It’s never too early to start your skincare preparation before your big day so we advise patients book a consultation with our dermatologist as soon as the ring is on the finger. Whether it’s treating acne, or acne scarring, improving pigmentation or producing an all-over skin rejuvenation, we have a number of different treatment options and can work out a skincare programme that takes into account your bridal timeline and budget. This might include facial peels, laser skin rejuvenation or skincare products.

Meghan Markle relies on celebrity facialist Nichola Joss to achieve perfect skin and she recommends regular facials in the run-up to your wedding day. At the Specialist Skin Clinic, we offer the Hydrafacial, an advanced facial and microdermabrasion treatment that can help you achieve the very best skin possible.

  • #3 Eradicate any unwanted inkings

If you’ve changed, but your tattoo hasn’t, then an engagement is often the stimulus needed to start laser tattoo removal. Even if it’s not a case of removing an ex’s name, many brides want to wear a certain type of dress and want to get rid of a tattoo that is placed in an unfortunate position.

At the Specialist Skin Clinic, we offer the PicoWay laser tattoo removal device which, thanks to its unique technology, removes tattoos in half the time of other lasers. Even if you’ve not got time to have a full tattoo removal, you’ll find your tattoo fades further after every session, making it easier to camouflage with make-up on your big day.

  • #4 Rejuvenate, Restore and Revitalise

A survey that came out last year found that the average age of a bride and groom was eight years older than those getting married just a few decades ago. With the average for women now being over 30 years old and a year-on-year increase in second marriages, it’s unsurprising that many brides and grooms or other family members want a subtle rejuvenation ahead of the wedding. At the Specialist Skin Clinic, we offer the leading brands of anti-ageing injectables and are skilled at producing naturally-beautiful results.

We don’t advise anyone to have an injectable treatment right before their big day. Dermal filler results are immediate but last for up to twelve months so can be planned well in advance. Botox typically lasts from four to six months, so we advise patients to try it first and then book in for a repeat treatment if they like their results.

  • #5 The Big Day and Beyond

As tensions mount and plans go awry, many brides and grooms tend to start looking forward to their honeymoon just for some rest and relaxation. If you’re planning a beach holiday to celebrate your marriage, then revolutionary cellulite treatment Cellfina could be the answer to achieving a beautiful bikini body.

You’ll start to see a noticeable improvement in your cellulite straightaway although there will be a little bruising and swelling and results will continue to improve over the next few weeks, so we recommend undergoing a treatment at least a couple of months before you plan to go on holiday or a big event.

Your wedding date gives you a deadline, so let us help you work towards looking your very best.

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