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Top summer treatments for Cardiff Wales

Which are the top summer prep treatments you should be investing in? If you’re wanting to look your best this summer, there’s numerous cosmetic treatments that can help. However, it can be difficult knowing which areas to focus on in order to gain the best results in such a short time period. If you’re trying […]

Skin treatments before wedding

Skin treatments before your wedding Skin treatments should be well planned before your wedding. Everyone wants to feel beautiful on their special day and your options now extend beyond a manicure or a new hairstyle. Whether you’re the mother of the groom, father of the bride, chief bridesmaid or the blushing bride herself, there is […]

Botox for the 40+ age group – avoiding the Mr. Spock Look

Botox for the 40+ age group – avoiding the Mr. Spock Look Botox for Beginners If you’re contemplating Botox or any aesthetic treatment, it’s understandable that you may have some apprehension. We see many first-time patients at the Specialist Skin Clinic that are worried that Botox will leaving them looking extremely unnatural, with a frozen […]

Dermal Fillers for the 40+ age group – subtle enhancement

Dermal Fillers for the 40+ age group – subtle enhancement Dermal fillers are no longer the ‘new’ aesthetic treatment – in fact, recently global pharmaceutical company Galderma celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Restylane hyaluronic acid dermal filler. What is new, though, is how aesthetic practitioners are using these highly effective anti-ageing products. At the […]

Freckles and Facial Pigmentation

Freckles and Facial pigmentation secondary to sun exposure The Freckle Factor Freckles are a contentious issue. They’ve recently sparked a trend on Instagram with freckle-free posters creating faux ones with make-up and even glitter. On the other hand, dating website has just came under fire for suggesting that freckles are an ‘imperfection’ on billboards […]

New Hope for Alopecia Areata Sufferers?

New Hope for Alopecia Areata Sufferers? Are you among the alopecia areata sufferers? Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss and is relatively common, affecting two out of every 1000 people in the UK. Our immune system is geared to protect the body from foreign invaders such as bacteria or viruses, […]

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