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Age Spots

Age Spots. Don’t you just hate them?

You think you’re on message with the damage that the sun does to the skin. So you avoid exposure to sunlight without first applying a good sun cream. Covering up with clothing and face -shading hats, and you think you’ve got it sussed.

And then it happens Age Spots:

You look at the back of your hands and you notice what our grandmothers used to rather charmingly call “liver spots” – large darkish marks on the back of the hands, which frankly shout out “getting older” quicker than a chicken wattle neck! These spots are caused by exposure to the sun over the years, and it doesn’t make it better to call them freckles, which sound cute and youthful, because there is nothing cute nor youthful about these.

It’s simply that we forget about the fact that our hands are continuously exposed to the elements, and hand cream alone is not sufficient. A hand cream with a high spf would be a good place to start, and the discipline to apply it regularly to the back of the hands even better, so if you are a young thing, untroubled by such issues, then keep applying the cream, and hopefully you never will be.

But, what to do if the Age Spots are already there?

The answer is fabulous in its simplicity –  Contact the Specialist Skin Clinic the expert in Laser Age Spots removal treatment with the best laser technology availabe in the market to get the best result for Age Spots removal treatment.

Purely in the interests of research, and with my own interests at heart too, given I have wanted to get rid of a couple of these infernal spots on the backs of my hands for a number of years, I allowed Sarah, our Practice Nurse and Laser expert, loose on my age spots. She confidently stated that she could zap these for me, and so she did!

DAVID Age Spots

It only took a matter of minutes for her to target the 4 or 5 spots that I had with short bursts from the laser machine. Indeed, the bursts were so short that they barely hurt, and left the back of my hands slightly reddened on the treated area. Over the next 10 days or so, darker dry skin patches formed over the age spots, and the skin gently flaked off – not in huge sheets like bad sunburned skin, but like shedding a very small amount of dust. Within about another week, I was delighted to see that that about half of each age spot had all but disappeared. Another short treatment, and they are merely a hint of a shadow of their former glory. One more treatment, and I fully expect them to be gone. I am delighted.

I am now enjoying having nice brightly painted nails, and wearing bold jewellery again, as I do not mind anybody taking notice of my hands – I feel I have reclaimed them from the clutches of ageing.
Now, where did I put my handcream……?

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