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Skin Clinic Videos

Skin Clinic Videos

Lucy Owen of BBC Wales Middle Aged Me @ The Specialist Skin Clinic seeking cosmetic advice from Dr Maria Gonzalez. (*Results may vary between individuals)

Universkin at The Specialist Skin Clinic. (*Results may vary between individuals)

In December 2015, The Specialist Skin Clinic Cardiff was named as the Best Skin Clinic in Wales at The Aesthetic Awards 2015 in London.

Dr Maria Gonzalez on Crimewatch, discussing the dangers of skin lightening creams being sold illegally, without prescription, to women from ethnic groups who wish to lighten their skin. (*Results may vary between individuals)

ITV’s Good Morning Britain discuss the Specialist Skin Clinic’s new freckle removal treatment. (*Results may vary between individuals)

Dr Maria Gonzalez on Channel 4’s Embarrasing Bodies, treating a case of xanthelasma, or fatty deposits around the eyes, with a chemical peel. (*Results may vary between individuals)

Dr Maria Gonzalez, on Extreme Beauty Disasters, performing a skin analysis on a patient addicted to tanning and showing the signs of sun damage at an early age. (*Results may vary between individuals)

To see more videos featuring Dr Maria Gonzalez, click here to go to her YouTube channel.

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