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Patient Journey

The patient’s journey at the Specialist Skin Clinic starts with a full medical assessment by Dr Gonzalez. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and can present many different issues requiring treatment. This is vital, as only she can properly assess whether the patient requires dermatological treatment or whether the issue is a cosmetic one. It may be that the patient would benefit from a combination of these two types of care.

Thereafter, a treatment Plan is drawn up, which is discussed with the patient, not only in terms of types of treatment envisaged, but also how long the treatment is likely to last, whether any discomfort is likely to be felt, and what types of outcome can be expected. With many of the procedures, a helpful written guide is provided to the patient, answering what are often frequently asked questions during and following treatment. Further, she will discuss the overall cost, so that the patient is properly informed of potential future outlay.

Some of the treatments may be carried out by Dr Gonzalez. Others may be referred to one of her in- house clinicians. However, as each of her highly trained colleagues at the Clinic has been individually selected by Dr Gonzalez, the patient can be confident that they are in skilful hands at all times, no matter what type of treatment is required, as all procedures are conducted under the careful supervision of Dr Gonzalez.

There will be certain individuals who have medical or aesthetic issues requiring the assistance of a plastic surgeon. The Specialist Skin Clinic can assist in this aspect too, as Dr Sultan Hassan provides partnership plastic surgery clinics on site. So again, a seamless service can be offered, whatever the problem.

Some skin problems benefit from a beauty based skincare approach though the use of targeted facials. The Specialist Skin Clinic also offers these treatments with facials carried out as an integral part of a therapeutic treatment plan, or simply as a stand-alone treatment to cleanse, refresh or rejuvenate.

The Specialist Skin Clinic’s aim is to provide a seamless, integrated experience, leaving your skin in the best health and in the best achievable condition.

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