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Age Spots

Age Spots. Don’t you just hate them? You think you’re on message with the damage that the sun does to the skin. So you avoid exposure to sunlight without first applying a good sun cream. Covering up with clothing and face -shading hats, and you think you’ve got it sussed. And then it happens Age […]

Qualified Practitioners

The importance of Qualified Practitioners? Would you let an unqualified “mechanic” tinker with your car brakes? No? Would you let an unqualified “dentist” fill your molars? No? Then why on earth would you ever consider allowing an unqualified person to inject your face with needles filled with powerful drugs or fillers? You would have to […]

Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft

Softly, Softly… with Silhouette Threads / Silhouette Soft. There has been extraordinary advancement in techniques developed by aesthetic surgeons over the last 20 years, enabling a “lifting “ of the face without recourse to the skin removal and major surgery associated with the traditional face lift. Indeed , the sophistication of recent procedures only serve […]

Beauty is indeed skin deep!

This is where science meets beauty. A beautiful skin is one that is healthy and in the very best possible condition that it can be. In keeping with the Specialist Skin Clinic’s ethos of tailor-making treatment for each individual, there may be occasions when devising a Treatment plan for the patient, Dr Maria Gonzalez will […]

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